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Fun Learning Montessori Spooning Activity

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Welcome to Montessori Workshops, where we embrace the joy of hands-on learning! Today, we’re diving into a classic Montessori activity that is both engaging and educational—montessori spooning activity. Perfect for children aged 3-6, spooning activities are a fantastic way to develop fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination and concentration.

Why Spooning Activity?

Spooning activities are more than just fun—they’re foundational. These simple yet effective tasks help children gain independence and confidence while mastering essential skills. By practicing spooning, kids learn to control their movements, which is crucial for everyday tasks like eating and dressing.


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Getting Started: Materials Needed

To set up a spooning montessori activity, you’ll need:

  • Two small bowls or containers
  • A spoon (choose a size appropriate for your child)
  • Small items to transfer (like beans, rice, or beads)
  • A tray to catch any spills

Tips for Success

  • Start Simple: Begin with larger items that are easier to handle and gradually move to smaller items as your child’s skills improve.
  • Use Different Spoons: Experiment with spoons of various sizes and materials to keep the activity interesting and challenging.
  • Incorporate Themes: Make the activity seasonal by spooning holiday-themed items like small pumpkins for fall or colorful beads for spring.

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This activity not only enhances fine motor skills and resilience but also imparts a practical skill.

Practical Skill

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Many times, the most engaging activities can be created using simple items found in your own home. By gathering two containers, a spoon, and a type of grain, you can partake in a delightful Montessori activity.


  • Refine fine motor skills
  • Develop a sense of order
  • Establish left to right movement in preparation for writing and reading
  • Exercise judgement over size and capacity
  • Develop coordination for more complex transfer activities
Sense of order
Left to right movement
Exercise judgement
Develop coordination

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Happy Learning with Montessori Workshops!

Experience the joy of Montessori transferring activities and watch your child’s skills flourish. Whether you’re a parent, educator or caregiver, our resources are here to support you every step of the way.

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